Craftsmanship and local fare and produce


pottery luberonInspired by the rich past of the town of Apt and the geological structure of the earth in the area, the craftsmen of the Luberon are keeping alive the tradition and passion for pottery work. In the 18th century, Apt was famed for the quality and beauty of its earthenware, which boasted unique colours. Nowadays, over two hundred years later, different styles have emerged, but the know-how and passion of the local craftsmen is still universally acknowledged.

Local fare and specialities

The Luberon is still very rural, and as such the local produce occupies a very important place.
Fruit orchards and vegetable farms abound in the area around Cavaillon in particular, whilst, further afield, there are lavender plantations and vineyards. The local products are of the highest quality and play
a big part in the excellent gastronomic reputation that the region enjoys.

candied fruit luberonCandied fruit
The sheer number of fruit plantations are at the origin of the tradition of candied fruit (fruits confits), which have been made here since as far back as the 11th century. The fruits are first plunged into a hot syrup, made with sugar, pears, melons or prunes and are then cooked very slowly and for a long time before being glazed one final time. A true delight!

wine luberonWines
The Luberon has been a wine-growing region since the days of the Roman Empire, and it produces a number of wines of excellent quality. The blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault are a true delight to the wine connoisseurs. Visits to the local wine cellars in the Parc Régional will allow you to form your own opinion of the wide array of tastes available.

truffles luberonTruffles
These powerfully scented and intense-tasting mushrooms abound in the area - for those who know where and how to look for them. They grow in the immediate vicinity of white and evergreen oak trees and the manner in which they may be cultivated is a secret shrouded in mystery. You may of course find people selling their fare to you on the markets of Apt or Carpentras.

Aromatic Plants
The blue lavender fields – one of the iconic symbols of the South of France – remind us of the richness of nature in the Luberon. Lavender and lavandine take the lion’s share of the production of aromatic plants of course, but there are also numerous producers of thyme, rosemary and sage, as well as of savory, all of which are a true delight and should be discovered.

lavender luberon   aromatic plants luberon