Made up of a diversity of different reliefs, the region is most notably dominated by the two main mountain ranges: the Petit Luberon (Small Luberon) and the Grand Luberon (Big Luberon). Rocky hills and green plains co-exist side by side, in a beautiful and contrasting mosaic which will enchant all nature-lovers. The harmonies of the different shades of ochre and of the varied architectural styles add further to the enchanting feel of the area.

lauris luberonvues panoramiques villages luberonLauris. Built atop a rocky spur, Lauris and its castle dominate the Durance River. The ancient village is often compared to an open-plan museum.
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venasque luberonvues panoramiques villages luberonVenasque. Huddled behind its ramparts, the ancient town of Venasque is a perfect haven of peace to spend a few hours or a few days, delighting in the charm of its ancient narrow streets and stone houses. (to see panoramic view)

oppede le vieux luberonvues panoramiques villages luberonOppède le Vieux. A famous village, Oppède is as renowned for its ancient remains as it is for the marvellous views it commands.
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roussillon luberonvues panoramiques villages luberonRoussillon. A magical place where all the colours of the rainbow seem to come alive. Roussillon is a delight to meander through, with its intertwining narrow streets, its ochre colours and it varied craft shops. (to see panoramic)

luberon et la durancevues panoramiques villages luberonLuberon et la Durance. View of the village of Mallemort. The Durance flows along the south of the Luberon Mountain, contributing to the variety of its panoramas.
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